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Call Performance Marketing


At Voiceleads, we turn Ads into live, inbound calls – and sales. Voiceleads does for its clients what advertisers and
telemarketers certainly have wanted to do for decades: prequalifies prospects, delivers them directly to
sales professionals and leaves nothing to be done except the closing.

How – with today's wall of 'Do Not Call' laws – has Voiceleads accomplished this? At Voiceleads, our objective is to
change the direction of business from outbound sales calls to inbound purchasing calls - for good. How ? Consumers
catch an ad and dial the phone. And this may be people who might once have said, "Don't call us!" are now calling
you. They don't need to be sold. They want to buy.

The team at Voiceleads have background in call center solutions and buying media. This collective experience gives
us a perfect vantage point to spot and solve the costly flaws in the process. At Voiceleads, we generate the calls and
our clients buy them from us, paying only for the calls we send them. That's what we call "Call Performance-Based
Marketing", and it's a no-brainer. Voiceleads assumes the risk, freeing up clients to focus on their core business –

Voiceleads has really simplified the process. Advertisers dictate the marketing campaign they want to run online,
offline or mobile. Voiceleads makes the media purchase. Interested prospects phone the unique phone number.
Calls come to Voiceleads tracking hub, where our technology immediately relays them to the appropriate business
center – and a sales representative answers.

Voiceleads tracks transaction and records the calls, and staff members monitor them for quality. At Voiceleads, we
give our Advertisers control of their Ad Spend. You simply tell us how many calls you want and pay a set price per
call, so you know what you're spending before you spend anything.

All you have to do is choose your campaign options and the revenue opportunities start immediately.


At Voiceleads, we believe that call performance marketing is an incredibly important
part of the fabric of performance marketing.

Tracking clicks and tracking impresses conversions are great but there is so much of the sale that may never occur on a mini browser - it's not just convenient, but a phone call, everybody's got a phone in their pocket; they really can make an instant call and talk to a human being. In fact telephone is one of the best ways for some of these verticals to have the sale occur.

Voiceleads makes it extremely easy for advertisers to get in quickly and to start participating in risk free advertising using a venues that they are already familiar with – a Freephone, local number, call centers and sales professional.

  Customer engaged.
Calls monetized.
  High quality, live,
inbound calls.
  Prequalify prospects.
Close more sales.
  Close the loop.
Increase revenue.
  Increase agent productivity.
Make more sales.


Voiceleads generates high quality, live, inbound enquiry to close a deal. You pay only for qualified enquiry.

Imagine receiving phone calls from new customers or clients without risking even a penny on advertising.

We take care of all the elements required to dramatically improve your ROI including among others:


We pay for the media.

We place the media on various media sources, online and offline.

We track the call and send the prospect client right to your desired sales people.

We bill you only for real clients interested in your products and services.

We provide you with full call details and statistics with our call tracking system.


We work hard to bring exclusive, high converting in-house offers to publishers that meet our quality and
performance standards.We offer a full suite of tools that allow publishers to monetize their inventory and data.

Voiceleads can provide you with all call tracking tools for inbound calls generated from your direct response
marketing and track each call in real-time.With your unique phone numbers dedicated to you, you'll get credit for all
live, inbound calls driven from your direct response marketing.

Contact us today to find out how Voiceleads can help you generate more revenue.